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Where can I see my Accept Rate?

How can I find out my Accept Rate at Stack Overflow?

I didn't find any option on my profile page to view it. Is there any?

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After you ask at least 4 questions your accept rate will appear in your user card on your questions. You'll only see this metric on posts where you are the question asker.

For example, on this question of yours, the accept rate is displayed -

Further reading - Where can I see my Accept Rate?

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This is obsolet. The accept rate is not displayed anymore. –  Echt Einfach TV Jan 26 at 15:17
This entire post is obsolete. It remains here as a historic reference for the site. If someone will ask what was the accept rate and "where would have I been able to find it?" - then this post would still be helpful. –  Lix Jan 26 at 15:20
Yep, just wanted to leave a note on the update :) –  Echt Einfach TV Jan 26 at 16:04
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Visit a question of yours and you will see it in your question under your name. You can't see your accept rate in your profile.

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