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I click on my Profile and can see or example total score of 5 in 18 answered questions for the JSP Tag, nice!

Now I click on the tag "JSP" and I can count 9 upvotes!

And the same goes for other tags too.

Am I missing anything?

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The tag counts update at the end of each day (midnight GMT) from memory. That's the only time I see them update. The same goes for ranks/leagues etc. Some rep changes can take a few minutes to kick in as well. – Fluffeh Sep 4 '12 at 8:52
I didnt answer anything with JSP in the last two weeks... adn didnt got any new Upvotes lately – OneMore Sep 4 '12 at 8:56
@O.D Not sure how it works, but the math seems right - you also have a total of -4 from other answers that have been down-voted. – Fluffeh Sep 4 '12 at 8:59

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On second look, it's not related to cache.

True, you got 9 upvotes but you also got 4 downvotes:

9 + (-1) + (-1) + (-2) = 5


Also worth to mention that the tag score title says "total score", not "total upvotes":

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I give up.....! – OneMore Sep 4 '12 at 10:11
@O.D and that means.. ? – Shadow Wizard Sep 4 '12 at 10:13
Ur right i didnt c the Downvotes, ill have to check other Tags but until then i accept the Answer. – OneMore Sep 4 '12 at 10:15
OK, fair enough. – Shadow Wizard Sep 4 '12 at 10:16

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