I've always wondered whether those of you who have a good, solid reputation for helping others on stackoverflow mention this on your cv/in your job applications?

In my opinion, I think it should be deemed as recognisable to potential employers. Not as part of any sort of requirement by any means - but I think if you know your trade well enough to teach and help others, that should be valued. I certainly owe a lot to the members of SO for the amount I've learnt which has helped me in many situations in and out of employment - and I'd like to think that those who helped are recognised for it.

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As one last point to your deleted question (will delete this comment asap), I don't know if its cashed but according to their profile the user you think is downvoting you has only voted once today, and never downvoted –  Richard Tingle Oct 16 '13 at 14:08
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I have an account on http://careers.stackoverflow.com, which automates this for me. The PDF export is my CV, and it contains:

Projects & Interests

Stack Overflow – http://stackoverflow.com/users/100297 -- May 2009
Current Written 1015 answers. Active in python, regex, string, django, xml and 29 other tags.

So, yes, I do mention it. My online Careers 2.0 profile elaborates on that by including some of my posts.

Not that anyone has yet to remark on it. :-)

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I've placed it on my resume, and it's gained the attention of my interviewers for sure. They remarked that they liked having that as a reference, and could see that I was genuine in my Java knowledge.

I do feel that people should put it on their resumes, as it gives employers a chance to see what you really know, and shows that you've contributed to the general community of programming knowledge.

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