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I saw that in the calculation of the yearling badge ( Do offered bounties affect the reputation gain needed for the Yearling badge?) the bounties offered are subtracted and the net reputation is taken into account. Now you can be more than earning at least 200 reputation and put it in bounties. And if earning is to be encouraged, spending should not be punished.

Now it can be argued that bounties improve or don't improve the overall SO experience ( Do bounties improve overall quality of the posts?), at least to the point that they already allow you to deserve 4 bronze badges.

So is it reasonable for bounties to be deducted from the yearling badge calculation? Or to be an alternative bountiful yearling for say, spending at least 500 or more reputation on bounties?

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Isn't the usual advice "Don't spend it all in one place"? If you care about the yearling badge, you have to save 4 points a week for yourself. Can't be that hard! – Bo Persson Sep 11 '12 at 16:11

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