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We've been getting a lot of questions like this ever since the feature to see event reversals such as deleted posts and serial voting was added into the reputation history; and their confusion is legitimate. Even well-respected users have become confused by that number above the day. It should display the reputation changes for that day.

I propose that reversal events such as these be visually separated from the main events for that day and not included in the total reputation change for that day. After all, their reputation isn't actually changing for that day, but reversing changes from previous days. These events already seem to get bumped down to the bottom of the events for the day, why not add a simple separator between them?

Events indicating reversals

New events indicating a reversal

Events which have been reversed

Original events that have been reversed

Perhaps a second, smaller number could be added next to the main one to indicate that other events took place on that day, but I feel most users who really care will have noticed or went looking for the events anyways. However, including them in the actual change only serves to confuse people.

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Ha! I knew it was you who downvoted there ;) –  Lix Sep 11 '12 at 19:16

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If you uncheck the "show removed posts" checkbox, your daily display should be more accurate. (Not sure how this works with reversed votes. I'll have to science.)

There's no graceful way to display this in a chronological view, IMHO - technically a post is removed on day X, so you lose reputation on day X... even though behind the scenes we do a recalc and the end result is as if that post never happened.

I personally would rather see rep lost for deleted posts on the days when it happened. Otherwise, it'll be a happy fun time hunting for the cause of a rep drop if the removed post was days old.

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I and many people are aware of the show removed posts box, but this is still causing a lot of confusion. I like viewing the removed posts in my history, and it seems inconvenient that I have to switch it on and off constantly to see real numbers. Separating them would make the option more of "append deleted posts to the list" rather than "mix them into everything and make it all confusing." –  animuson Sep 22 '12 at 0:54
I've just fallen into this trap myself, asking on StackOverflow's Meta about why my profile is showing 199 reputation instead of 200, and I can't imagine that I'll be the last to do so either! –  James Donnelly Dec 9 '14 at 16:17

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