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Since learning that one can give Prettify language hints, I've been quite careful to specify such whenever I post code in a non-default language; however, out of laziness (or conciseness), I've omitted explicit hints whenever my code uses the then-current default.

On occasion, I've noticed that a question's tags have been edited after my post, resulting in a different and unintended formatting being applied.

I was about to suggest that the default language at the time of a post be retained through tag edits, but then I discovered that a certain "Jon Skeet" (of course; who else?) did that years ago. Despite the numerous upvotes, it seems his suggestion never got implemented (perhaps because the question was only a rather than a , or perhaps because it has since been locked).

Mr Skeet noted that:

edits make this even more complicated... should an edit take on the new default or not?

I propose that upon being first submitted, SO automatically prepend every post with a <!-- language-all: ... --> hint; subsequent edits would then be able to modify the default if so desired.

Historical posts could be similarly updated to the now-current defaults without harm.

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