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In the past, I had a button marked "Meta" along the top line button bar when I was in Spanish Language and culture. That top line is the one that has "Stackexchange" on the left.

Now, I don't see that button anymore. It looks like an accident, but I'm not sure. Is this intentional? Is it due to an error beyond my control? Is it due to something I'm doing wrong? Is there another way to get there?

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Can you give us a screenshot? I still see meta links on beta sites just fine; it's there on Spanish too but I'm not logged in. –  Martijn Pieters Sep 16 '12 at 11:59

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The link should be right up in the top bar:

Meta <3 FHC

If you don't see that, please provide a screen capture.

Per-site metas always have a URL with meta. prepended to the main site's domain name.

So the URL is: http://meta.spanish.stackexchange.com/

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