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I've been doing a lot of editing recently on StackOverflow, and I've noticed a bug in the markup scripts, in that occasionally when I click edit I get a somewhat broken page in which:

  • All the markup tools have disappeared
  • The edit preview box is blank
  • The tag box popup is just a plain text box (no special popups).

enter image description here

It only happens intermittently, and I've noticed this maybe 5 - 10 times in the last few days (maybe on 5% of edits).

This is only something I've noticed somewhat recently, though I can't be sure. I'm not running any user scripts or adblock or addons or anything when I see the error.

I realize this isn't much information to work with for debugging, though I'm not sure what other information I could usefully provide.

Using Firefox 15.0.1

New information

Every time I load a page, I get two errors in the FF console, though the errors appear whether the markup tools fail to load or not.

Error 1: no element found : Line 1 (no more information, sorry)

Error 2: The connection to ws://sockets.ny.stackexchange.com/ was interrupted while the page was loading : Line 11, and it points me to this line of the source:

StackExchange.inlineTagEditing.init();window.history.pushState(f,"new post","#"+f.id)}},x=function(){var b=Object.keys(p).length;f(b);return $(''+b+" question"+(1").click(function(){StackExchange.realtime.expandActiveQuestions()})};return{init:function(f){l=f;if("WebSocket"in window||"MozWebSocket"in window){if(o)try{a("closing WebSocket"),o.close()}catch(g){}o||(a("opening WebSocket"),o="WebSocket"in window?new WebSocket(l):new MozWebSocket(l),

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FF 15 doesn't show as officially being supported, but I don't know (and doubt) that it has anything to do with your problem. – Bart Sep 16 '12 at 18:22
When it happens, try checking the JavaScript console to see if there are any errors recorded. They would be extremely helpful in figuring out the problem, if they exist. – animuson Sep 16 '12 at 18:23
@animuson I was able to find some errors that I missed in the console, though they appear on every page load regardless of if I'm editing or not. I don't get any extra errors when the tools fail to load. – Tim Sep 16 '12 at 18:32

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