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When looking on admin/posts/<post id>/show-flags, I noticed that flags for comments are always reported as "Comment: Offensive" even while the flag was a different one.


To be sure the user didn't use a custom reason for the flag, which was the erroneously reported as a flag for offensive comment, I tried flagging a comment as not constructive, and what I obtained is this:


Apparently, any comment is marked as "Comment: Offensive," even in the case the user entered a custom reason.


Comment flags should be reported as "Comment" type, if the same type is used for all the flags.

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There's really only one type of flag for comments: offensive. At one time, you couldn't even select a reason - clicking the flag flagged the comment immediately, and that was it.

Flag reasons were added a while back, after it became apparent that most folks were just using flags in lieu of down-votes (which don't exist for comments).

But from the perspective of the underlying system - and the moderators - they still behave the same: n flags delete the comment, and moderator flags are binding (regardless of which reason is chosen). The only difference is a tiny bit of text, stored with the vote, that describes the option selected when flagging.

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