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How are these calculated? I see them going up and down all the time, and there are obviously way more than 48 questions about C# so how are these calculated?

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I'd assume within the last hour is how it's calculated. – Richard J. Ross III Sep 17 '12 at 2:35
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It's basically looking at recently:

  • created
  • positively scored

And then tossing out any tags that don't occur at least a minimum number of times in the whole database. A tag has to have some traction (ie. be a real tag people really use) to get into that list.

The exact numbers vary a bit site to site, but that's the gist of the algorithm.

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This isn't really an answer, but I went to the newest tab, and counted how far the questions go, and here are the results (sorted by number of questions):

  1. Apache........x 4 - 2 hours
  2. git................x 10 - 3 hours
  3. C++.............x 34 - 3 hours
  4. Java............x 48 - 2 hours
  5. Javascript...x 50 - 3 hours
  6. PHP............x 69- 3 hours
  7. C#...............x 76- 4 hours
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