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Tag info for is:

A store is a data repository of a set of integrated objects. These objects are modeled using classes defined in database schemas. Data store includes not only data repositories like databases, it is a more general concept that includes also flat files that can store data.

Whereas, info for is:

A datastore is a generic term for a system which stores data. The term datastore includes RDBMS systems, NoSQL systems, memory based systems, flat files, spreadsheets to name just some examples. A given datastore may provide a rich toolset for storing and retrieving data (RDBMS)

Both look similar to me. Also seems ambiguous as there are , , and others.

Variety of questions are tagged under , such as

  1. Store image in variable, echo later
  2. fastest way to store data from sensors in java
  3. iphone app submission for iOS 6.0

Should be made a synonym of ? I guess not without manually retagging all questions. What is your take on this tag?

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Store is too general. Probably should be retagged to appropriate tags and remove this tag – nhahtdh Oct 5 '12 at 10:27