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Something is causing my query search [javascript] -[php] votes:0 is:question to turn into javascript -php votes:0 is:question after signing in.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make sure you are not connected
  • Search for any query containing tags (still not connected)
  • On the results page, click log in
  • Connect via any(?) of the possibilities (I used Gmail (I was already signed in on Gmail (just in case that matters (sorry for the nested parenthesis))))
  • Check if your query was properly escaped
  • Open a bug report on meta
  • Have your question closed as a dupe of Improper query escaping in the return URL after logging in

Comparing the two URLs:[javascript]+-[php]+votes%3A0+is%3Aquestion

The return URL:

Also, I didn't tag this SO since I believe it happens on all sites

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