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is currently pointed to , which has caused at least two mistaggings already. I don't really think should exist in the first place, but if it has to, can be pointed to by default, instead? That seems the more common and likely usage.

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For some reason, compass-geolocation has the same tag wiki as geolocation. –  BoltClock's a Unicorn Sep 20 '12 at 23:49
Sigh. It took less than a few hours for compass to appear on its own on a question that should have been tagged compass-css. I've now added it to the list of 47 tags I watch every day to make sure that they stay dead. –  Charles May 25 '13 at 15:04
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2 Answers

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This is the trouble with creating synonyms for plain words that happen to have multiple possible definitions because of project names.

The synonym should be undone and the plain vanilla compass tag removed entirely to prevent the ambiguity. It should not be synonymous with the CSS authoring framework.

See also: metro and that whole mess.

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I think the perfect mechanism for stack overflow to resolve such mapping questions for tags is voting based. Meaning - users will vote up the resolution the find more likely for the tags that have 2 possible resolution. Another option would be to do that automatically by tag popularity. If we take a look:

  • compass-geoloacation - 186 tagged questions
  • compass-css - 469 tagged questions

So compass should point to compass-css according to this criteria.

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This is a false choice based on the incorrect premise that we have to have a [compass] tag at all. Banning [compass] and relying entirely on [compass-geolocation] and [compass-css] seems much better than forcing members of both camps into eternal confusion over mistagged questions. –  Pops Oct 3 '12 at 16:58
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