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Has information on the popularity of the various log in methods ever been made public? With over a dozen different ways to log in to the various stackexchange sites (Google, FB, Yahoo, WordPress etc.), I was curious what the breakdown was for each of the different methods (most/least popular etc.).

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It's been discussed before, though it's been a while since a proper update.

Things have gotten a little more complex as we no longer restrict users to 2 OpenIds*, so remember that when reading these stats. We've also switched from recommending MyOpenID to user's without existing OpenIDs to our own OpenID Provider.

For all credentials in the network (with at least 100 instances):

OpenId                Total
-----------------   -------          833,278   228,721        194,253        115,341            90,888         6,623          4,047           3,659         3,298       2,255            2,162      524              513              465            314             306          179             175              139           127           126            120               113

All credentials used** in the last 30 days (with at least 100 instances):

OpenId               Total
-----------------  -------         249,197   79,249        41,822           23,959        14,021        1,433          612            445             328           277        225
op.demo                133             127

Although some of the other providers have shifted around a bit, what was true 3 years ago is still true now. Google is used by a strict majority of users (~61% in the last 30 days).

*Actually the old system was even wonkier, as you could have essentially as many credentials as you wanted provided that one was held in common across all your different Stack Exchange user accounts. The original system wasn't designed for the number of sites we now have.

**Our sessions are quite long lived, so logging in and out are actually kind of rare unless you're regularly changing machines.

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Cool, thanks for the fast response. – j08691 Sep 21 '12 at 15:53

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