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On the prefs-tab, when I input tags to be ignored, they appear on the page instantly and look fine, but the POST to actually save them to the server concatenates them sometimes.

I can reproduce the bug in Firefox and Google on Win XP, both when I type a tag in by hand and when I click on one of the autocomplete-suggestions.

Two screenshots of the problem, captured in firebug:

here the last two tags, installer and c are combined to installerc

screenshot of firebug: shows that POST sends different tags than shown on page

And this concatenated tag really get's stored and displayed when I load the page the next time

screenshot of garbled tags

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When you go back into your preferences, does it show them being concatenated? – Jon Skeet Aug 16 '09 at 19:04
How did you input them? – Brad Gilbert Aug 16 '09 at 19:28
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I found the culprits: my "HUAWEI Mobile Connect" plus my mobile provider.

They do strange things to the javascript: strip out whitespace and insert external javascript into the html-page. they must be overdoing the thing with the whitespace.

This problem could be avoided if you used any other character than space to separate the tags.

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Wait a second -- are you reporting an actual BUG or just something you saw that "looked weird" in firebug? In other words, are the tags actually incorrect after being saved, or not?

Firebug has its own peculiarities; there was a time when running Firebug basically broke SO completely due to serious bugs in Firebug.

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yes, it's a real bug – bjelli Aug 16 '09 at 23:19

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