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Just a random observation, I was browsing without being logged in and saw an ad for Paessler PRTG which supposedly SHOULD link to somewhere on but instead it brought me on the Engine Yard web site, offering my Rails hosting:

The Image-URL of the ad is:

The Redirect-Link is:

The Question where I saw this ad is:

screenshot of the ad

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Thanks for pointing this out, Michael.

It's now fixed and the banner is redirecting to the correct address.

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Most likely not a bug. I don't know if the SO guys rolled their own advertising, but the ad management software I used to use (when I was in the newspaper web dev business) all linked in ways similar to that -- it was used to track clicks on the ad for conversion purposes. I don't know for fact that this is how it works on S[OFU], but this doesn't strike me as a bug.

Did you click the ad? Where did it eventually take you? (I copied and pasted that URL and wound up at, which didn't make much sense to me ... But I suspect that might be something to do with the processing which comes from a.aspx.)

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Yes, I clicked the ad. It's an ad for PRTG which links to which redirects me to, instead of the expected So It's like it's pulling the wrong link out of the database with can be a simple typo, or a bug. The Ad software seems to be third party (Just go to to see the admin interface login) – Michael Stum Aug 16 '09 at 20:07
FYI, we are currently using BanManPro to serve up these ads. It's a bug... but caused by the wrong URL being entered into the Target URL field in the ad software. – Alex Papadimoulis Aug 16 '09 at 20:11

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