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RadPHP XE, RadPHP XE2 and HTML5 Builder both are based on an open source PHP library: the RPCL. But there is currently no tag in StackOverflow for this library.

As a result, questions that have little to do with HTML5 Builder or RadPHP, but are actually about the library itself, can only tbe tagged with the product tag — just like tagging Zend Framework questions with zend-studio instead of zend-framework.

I would like the rpcl tag to be provided so questions about the RPCL library can be properly tagged, and followed by users that do not necessarily use the same IDE.


As requested, these are some questions that could benefit from this tag:

Basically, half the questions asked about RadPHP or HTML5 Builder have actually more to do with the underlying library, the RPCL.

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We don't create tags unless there are questions that could use them, please point us to some example questions you think would benefit from the tag, similarly to how you did in your earlier request. – Yannis Sep 24 '12 at 9:06

Added by kiamlaluno.

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