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What do the reputation values for unaccept and accept mean?

My answer got selected for the question Change speed of HTML Title tag showing up and for that i should have got the +15 reputation but it still showing the 0.

enter image description here

and its one hour ago so i dont think it in the queue. so is it bug in reputation ?? or anything else ?

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What's confusing about it? Your answer was unaccepted and immediately reaccepted. -15 + 15 = 0 – Mysticial Sep 25 '12 at 3:10

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From what you show there, the answer was unaccepted first, subtracting 15 points, then it was reaccepted, adding those 15 back; leaving a balance of 0 for those actions. You don't show it, but presumably the OP had accepted it before, perhaps 'yesterday' (in UTC); you would have gotten the +15 then.

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The OP had originally accepted your answer at 04:23:04 on Sep 24. He then unaccepted your answer at 01:46:28 today, then accepted your answer again at 01:46:29 today. He probably just accidentally clicked it and clicked it again immediately after realizing what he had done. Or he may not be familiar with the accept feature.

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