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On Stack Overflow, the tag defines context and describes nothing about the question itself. So is it a meta tag for Stack Overflow and should it be removed?

The tag wiki excerpt for is:

This tag is OBSOLETE and is in the process of being removed. Please do NOT add this tag to questions. But don't remove it without looking at the question to see if it needs cleanup.

I guess same applies for too.

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The tag doesn't describe some subject that is on-topic to SO, and it has multiple interpretations, so it should be removed. – nhahtdh Sep 27 '12 at 10:32
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I agree.

Given that is was often accompanied by the deprecated tag, I have gone through the list of 40 or so questions and edited them into shape where possible. (Or voted to see many of them closed).

In no case did I find the tag to be necessary. So I would agree that it does no longer need to be there. And after my editing there are no longer any such questions with that tag. Which should mean that within a day or so this tag will no longer exist.

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