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I saw this answer in the first posts review queue. I navigated to the question to edit it. While I was on the question page, I upvoted a comment on the answer.

If I understand this answer correctly, my upvote of the comment should have counted as a review action. Yet the “I'm done” button didn't become enabled, even after a reload of Furthermore, when I return to the review queue, I am still shown that post.

It was a ninja edit after my edit from the review queue a couple of minutes before.

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Reproduced on Stack Overflow (post link). – Gilles Oct 2 '12 at 20:47
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This is fixed now. If you have voted up a comment, we won't serve the post to you out of the review queue.

If you click through to the post from review and vote up a comment, you can refresh the review page to enable the "I'm Done" button.

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