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I have working code that calculates the hash value of a password, which is then saved in a database. I want to change it with other code, and I want to know which implementation I should preferably use between the existing code, and two alternative implementations.

Is there a Stack Exchange site where I can ask the question, or is Stack Overflow the site I should use?

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If it's well asked, Stack Overflow. I'd submit that this topic has probably been beaten to death on Stack Overflow, so take care not to post an exact duplicate. – George Stocker Oct 3 '12 at 11:36
Thank you, @GeorgeStocker. I think the code I would ask for (the current implementation) is quite specific, but I will first check a similar question has not been asked. – kiamlaluno Oct 3 '12 at 11:41
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At the stage where you're looking for the right algorithm or protocol to do something in a secure way, ask on Security. While your question could be on-topic on Stack Overflow or Programmers as well, the quality of answers is far more likely to be good on Security.SE (and, in particular, you're far less likely to get poor advice with a lot of upvotes).

This particular question has been beaten to death, so please don't re-ask it. Read How to securely hash passwords?, Do any security experts recommend bcrypt for password storage?, Are there more modern password hashing methods than bcrypt and scrypt?, and I could go on.

Once you're at the implementation stage, having picked an algorithm (PBKDF2, bcrypt or scrypt), if you have concrete difficulties with the implementation, ask on Stack Overflow.

If you have working code, you can ask for a review of a reasonable-sized piece on Code Review. You might want to advertise the question on the Sec.SE chat.

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Stack Overflow should be the site to use as long as you word it carefully. I foresee this getting closed in its current state.

Here's a link on SO to some similar questions

Your exact question: "I want to know which implementation I should preferably use between the existing code, and two alternative implementations"

Anytime you add a word like preferable in there it becomes subjective (or sounds that way) so I'd say something more like:

"With language X. Is implementation Y or Z, the more standardized way to implement a solution to my [define problem]?"

Then add some of your searches that lead you to this being inconclusive and thus the reason you asked on SO. That should make for a good question that can be answered via facts. (Standards aren't typically subjective)

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