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I occasionally see "exact duplicate" questions appear on the review page despite having configured my filters to exclude it. This seems to happen when a question has close votes for multiple reasons, i.e. "exact duplicate" or "too localized".

I think the filtering is a great idea otherwise!


Okay, so this is by design; guessing the query just asserts something like this (oversimplified) condition:

WHERE reason IN (list of checked reasons)

Is there a chance this could be turned into something like this?

WHERE reason IN (list of checked reasons) 
AND reason NOT IN (list of unchecked reasons)
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Currently, review filters ensure that each post matches each one of your checked (i.e. checkbox is checked) criteria, but do not ensure that each post does not match each unchecked criterion.

A post that has been closed both as "exact duplicate" and "too localized" still matches your filter, since "too localized" is checked.

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