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I was reviewing on SU and I faced a weird thing. I can review "Close Votes" "Low Quality Posts" and "Suggested Edits" if I reached my daily vote limit but can't "First Posts" and "Late Answers". Why?

enter image description here

If they just deserve an upvote/downvote then they should not include in the review system. But if we can improve them through leaving comments and by edit the posts then why we can't access them?

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@Al Everett there is no answer on that post so I think mine should not be closed, so you guys have take a look for some time and then make this decision for the post. – avirk Oct 7 '12 at 18:53

I think it is because the First Posts and Late Answers Review tasks not only allow you to make necessary edits as you see fit, but also upvote and downvote questions or answers which you wouldn't be able to do if you have reached your vote limit. You would not be able to effectively review those queues as a result.

Low Quality Posts, Suggested Edits and Close Votes on the other hand, do not require or allow upvoting or downvoting on posts, thus it is still available on your Review tasks.

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