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I've created a query in to list all tags that match a tag when removing all dots and dashes. This looks to have brought up quite a few possible candidates for merging or adding synonyms.

What's the procedure for this?
Should people just pick one / a few, look into them then submit a request each time?

SELECT Tags.TagName AS NoDotDashTagName,
       Tags.Count AS NoDotDashTagCount,
       Tags2.TagName AS DotDashTagName,
       Tags2.Count AS DotDashTagCount
WHERE Tags.TagName <> Tags2.TagName AND
      (REPLACE(REPLACE(Tags2.TagName, '.', ''), '-', '') = Tags.TagName) AND

                 FROM TagSynonyms
                 WHERE (SourceTagName = Tags.TagName AND
                        TargetTagName = Tags2.TagName) OR
                       (TargetTagName = Tags.TagName AND
                        SourceTagName = Tags2.TagName)

ORDER BY Tags.TagName

For reference, here are some results:

NoDotDashTagName     NoDotDashTagCount DotDashTagName        DotDashTagCount 
-------------------- ----------------- --------------------- --------------- 
activeobjects        9                 active-objects        3               
activerelation       11                active-relation       30              
activesupport        137               active-support        5               
addressbar           43                address-bar           19              
adhoc                226               ad-hoc                70              
alwaysontop          9                 always-on-top         33              
antialiasing         264               anti-aliasing         30              
appcode              15                app-code              64              
appdata              62                app-data              32              
applicationdomain    32                application-domain    11              
applicationsettings  28                application-settings  267             
applicationstate     7                 application-state     27              
authorizeattribute   16                authorize-attribute   48              
autoincrement        176               auto-increment        515             
autoindent           17                auto-indent           48              
autoupdate           61                auto-update           267             
autoversioning       14                auto-versioning       8    
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There is another comprehensive list maintained in Clean up of run-together/hyphenated and singular/plural tags post. You may add new tags there if you like. – Aziz Shaikh Oct 8 '12 at 13:19

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