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We used to able to sort answers in a user profile by view, just like questions:

Screenshot of sort order for questions

This functionality was removed. I can only guess why, but I assume it's because it's misleading -- the system records question views, not answer views. If you answer a popular question late, it was viewed thousands of times – but your answer wasn't (and let's ignore that answers aren't read equally for now).

One goal of these sites is to provide correct information even long after the question was originally asked. In fact, we discourage repetition, even just to get current information: If you ask a question again, it gets closed as duplicate. We have badges like Archaeologist that specifically reward fixing and updating old content. We allow anyone to suggest edits to questions and answers to get readers to improve wrong or outdated content.

Suppose, as a committed contributor, you not only want to provide a steady stream of new answers, but also want to make sure your existing answers stay relevant and therefore valuable long after you posted them.

An obvious place to start improving older content are those answers to very popular questions. it's also a good start when looking for answers to enhance with further details, explanation, and instructions – all else being equal, your time is probably best spent on the most viewed content.

But with the views sort order gone, this is very difficult to determine*. Please bring back the views sort order for answers in the user profile.

Maybe just call it question views instead, to avoid confusion?

Screenshot of "question views" sort order UI

* Here's a Data.SE query. In fact, it seems Data.SE is the only solution, as user:me is:answer cannot be sorted by views, and filtering with the views: operator doesn't work for the reason stated in the second paragraph.

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