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I was just looking through my "tags" progress on my profile and noticed some of the numbers don't add up. Take for example the [] tag. It says I have a score of 21 over 25 questions. When I drill down into the questions, I have a score of 22 for answers and 9 for questions. Where did 21 come from?

Similarly, for [javascript] it says I have 98 votes but I can count 107.

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The tag scores aren't updated dynamically, they're recalculated (I believe) once per day.

The 21 is the answer score you had yesterday for . You have one answer today with one upvote. The score should be 22 in a few hours. (Looks about the same for Javascript, I'm guessing you got a couple of upvotes today for answers that date back a bit.)

Question score and wiki posts don't count towards tag specialist badges.

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