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Trying to find myself on the SO User page I run into weird results. My display name is "Erwin Brandstetter", obviously.

If I type Erwin, I find myself in the search results.
If I type Branst, I find myself in the search results.
If I type Erwin B or even Erwin Brandstetter, I am not found.

Tried the same with Jon Skeet or Brad Larson and others, no problem. Works either way.
Tried the same on a couple of SE sites. Same effects everywhere. Here on meta, too.

Seems broken to me?

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You've got two spaces in your username:

Erwin  Brandstetter

They're collapsed by your browser when displayed in many cases, but if you look at the source you can see the true value.

Searching for "Erwin<space><space>B" &c work as expected.

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Nailed it. For others who want to test it: I fixed this now. But you can just change your display name and try. FWIW: I don't think the search engine should be stopped by white space ... still feels kind of buggy. – Erwin Brandstetter Oct 12 '12 at 0:38

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