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I'm wondering if this is a case of herd mentality... The question Getting started on a TFS project, bin and obj folders are tracked - now what? was closed as Not Constructive. Originally the question is a little waffly, but the TL;DR is very specific.

Not only is it constructive and very answerable, the answer is useful in other situations when you have a read-only file that is interfering with the build process.

I want to tender an answer for this, but cannot. Could we please get it reopened?

As an aside, what are the chances of a question making it through the close review queue once it has achieved its first one or two votes?

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The question is rather long winded for what is really an easy question:

In TFS, the bin and obj folders are listed as locked, and it throws a monkey wrench into the build process. How do I fix this?

Certainly a constructive question (although the use of the phrase best approach probably triggered the close crowd).

I re-opened it. I will edit it.

You have the reputation to edit this post. I think that if you had followed your instincts and edited the post, the community may have responded by re-opening it.

The best approach is to do the following:

  • Edit the post
  • Vote to re-open it.
  • If a few hours goes by and there aren't any other re-open votes, then:
  • flag it for re-opening with your reasons
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There is a single sentence in that question which stands out above all else:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Another piece that stands out:

I'm really not sure what the best approach is

This is not the place to ask for suggestions. Using key-phrases like "suggestions" and "best approach" are extremely subjective sounding and yes, will get the question closed. As it stands now, the question appears to be very subjective, but sitting on the border-line. Try rephrasing it so it doesn't use these subjective phrases. The actual question appears valid.

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+1 for the explanation, but it's unfortunate when a valid question is closed just because it isn't phrased just so. The point is more important than the wording and wording can be easily fixed with an edit by a more experienced user (which George just demonstrated). – Adam Lear Oct 14 '12 at 1:20
@AnnaLear makes a good point. This is why it's important to try to edit a question before closing it. An edited question not only exposes it's hidden value, but also it can help expose inherent flaws. This helps us know that we're closing appropriately. I will add this though: Questions tend to get better answers when those keywords aren't present, constructive or not... +1 – jmort253 Oct 14 '12 at 2:12

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