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Currently the text showing for combined flairs of users without any account with 200+ reputation is:

You do not have any linked accounts with 200+ rep

When the user view his/her own flair it makes total sense, but when viewed by other user better sentence would be:

This user does not have any linked accounts with 200+ rep

Maybe in the past such flair was visible only to the owner and others got 404, not sure about that though.

Screenshot of the current image: (in case it will change)

Live example with user who doesn't appear to reach 200 any time soon:

Totally off topic but fun exercise: why the Google Image Search of that image returns:

Best guess for this image: things women love

Do women really love the Stack Exchange combined flair so much??? :D

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+1 for the google search alone ;-). – Toon Krijthe Oct 14 '12 at 18:32

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