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There is a tag on SO, but [tag:zbar sdk] is something that regards only to iPhone backend of . I see some questions, maybe 10%, regard to zbar in general or to other ports, like Windows or Linux. I suggest adding also a (or ) tag and explain that it's about non iPhone questions. In the same time an explanation should be added to tag, that it's only for iPhone questions.

I think having 2 separate tags for zbar is the best option. I could get only non iPhone questions with query. But if you prefer to have only one, then it should rather be "zbar".

This is not very important, but since I started trying to change this (by flagging this question as an example) and was adviced to post a retag-request - I do.

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I just changed the tag on the question you linked to , but then I also voted to close it as off-topic.

Having a distinction between and doesn't seem urgent since there are so few questions about either, but no harm in being more precise I suppose.

You should definitely update the tag wikis for both tags to indicate the distinction, and then retag any of the questions that aren't actually about the SDK.

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Thanks. It was an out-of-place question indeed. Thanks for the new tag. I submitted wiki editions for both zbar tags. I took xsl tags as a template for tag excerpt and notes on their specific usage. – jarekczek Oct 16 '12 at 21:22

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