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So I'm trying to add some meaningful descriptions to empty tags and I came across . My first thought was business layer, service layer, presentation layer, etc. I found some of these have tags already in and . However, a quick look at the questions tagged with layers show that some are about CSS, 2D graphics, or hardware abstraction.

My question is what should I put for the layers description? Should it be split somehow? How could we/I disambiguate this tag?

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Of the 37 questions that are still tagged [layer], many of them can just have the tag removed. – Robert Harvey Oct 19 '12 at 0:06
37? I see 532 questions. :) – kiamlaluno Oct 19 '12 at 0:32
Harvey's on the FAQ tab – Ben Brocka Oct 19 '12 at 0:34
@BenBrocka Oh, you are right. I thought the tag was merged with another one after Robert Harvey commented. – kiamlaluno Oct 19 '12 at 1:41

And then there's the 7 layers of the model...though only four OSI questions use it...

looks to cluster with a lot of other vague terms like :-/

I don't care for these tags. They're likely to only be used by the initial asker. StackOverflow curators wouldn't add them to point the OP to an easily-browsable set of questions which could broaden their horizons on the problem space they are currently addressing.

To my mind is the exact opposite situation of a taxonomizing tag, such as one I liked which was challenged:

How should questions dealing with playing cards be tagged, or should they?

There you can address situations where people ask a question going:

"I'm writing a poker game in Java..."

...but then go on to talk about some issue on representing hands or something. A day later they're back with:

"In my poker game in Java, I want people to be able to drag a card from the deck..."

Had they been pointed at all the [java]+[playing-cards] questions by a re-tag on the first question, they might have some benefits.

But as for layer, position, scene, creation...a text search can probably find them as well as anything. They're incidental words that probably happened to be in the question or title, and if they were not then no one would have thought to add them as a tag.

I'd propose starting with

  • Killing those instances used with , it's implicit

  • Remove it from any graphics or CSS-related question that had been explicitly tagged with or (Sidenote, those look like they should be synonyms)

  • If a graphics or CSS question used it and was actually talking about the general concept of Z-ordering (and not some specific technology with a more abstract idea of RenderingLayer, AnimationLayer, GameLayer), tag with

  • Remove it from any closed questions, such as those about how to make a new layer in Photoshop

...and then see what's left in terms of meaningful taxonomy classes.

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