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I set the tag filter on the close review queue on Stack Overflow to ocamllex. (YES! Finally the close review queue is usable.) All I see is the “loading item” message for a while, then a popup tells me

An error occurred when loading the review item. Please try again.

This happens both with Firefox 15 and Chrome 21.

The tag has no question with pending close votes, and probably none with pending close flags. I get the same behavior with the ocaml tag, which does have questions with pending close votes, but probably none that I haven't reviewed already. I do get the expected questions when I set the filter to haskell, which has questions for me to review. I get the impression that the response from the server is slower to come with haskell as with c, but that may be purely subjective or due to network jitter.

I've been getting timeouts with the tag a lot, though without a pop-up. And I know that tag's close queue is nowhere near empty.

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These timeouts used to occur whenever you loaded the "all" option of the old review queue, except it didn't give you a nice error message. It just gave a generic HTTP error saying the server didn't respond in time. – animuson Oct 21 '12 at 12:56
per my recent testing of close votes queue, timeouts appear to depend on tag popularity. I have been getting 15-20-30 seconds delays with low traffic java-me as opposed to 1-2 seconds with much more popular java. – gnat Oct 24 '12 at 20:46
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This should be fixed now.

Our SQL query plan was blazing fast for popular tags, but unusably slow for more obscure tags like ocamllex. Sorry about that.

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