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Sometimes I get a badge and do not get an inbox notification from it. How does this work? Is it a bug? I've tried to find for settings, but I didn't change anything and sometimes it shows me one and sometimes not so it shouldn't be a setting I think...

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As a veteran user you are not notified for certain bronze badge AFAIK. – Bart Oct 25 '12 at 14:01
By design, following this feature request. – Shadow Wizard Oct 25 '12 at 14:04

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No, this isn't a bug. You won't get notifications for some bronze badges. I think this is because some users get them quite often

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It's not all bronze badges, just the "basic" ones. For example, you'll still get notified for a nice {question, answer}. – Monica Cellio Oct 25 '12 at 16:33
@Monica good point, edited my answer a bit – genesis Oct 25 '12 at 23:11
Thanks for the answer, makes sense now. – Rob Oct 26 '12 at 9:04

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