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Possible Duplicate:
How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean?

I want my question to be deleted permanently from Stack Overflow for some reasons. I have deleted the question, but when searching in Google, it is still showing up. I don't have a reputation over 10,000 to delete. But I want it to be deleted from my account. Can anybody help me on this?

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I have deleted the question, but when searching in Google, it is still showing up. Google? – Time Traveling Bobby Oct 29 '12 at 9:29
Yes, TimeTravelingBobby is right... Even if the page is entirely deleted from the SO servers, Google will still have its cache that can be used to see the page. – Laurel Apr 24 at 22:45
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Stack Exchange does not permanently delete questions from the database.

I have a hunch you are confused between deletion and closure. The difference between closure and deletion:

  • A closed question can be seen by all users. It can be voted on but not answered. A closed question can be reopened.
  • A deleted question can be seen by users with 10.000 reputation or more. It can not be voted on or answered. It can be undeleted.
  • A permanently deleted question is rare. It requires action of the developers and was only done in the earlier days of the network. As far as I know there is no way to reverse this (other than retyping the question).
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As u have more than enough reputation can u help me in doing that if i gave the link? – bugfinder Oct 29 '12 at 9:35
I can delete a closed question, but I cannot permanently delete a question. But please give the link. – Toon Krijthe Oct 29 '12 at 9:37
I have already deleted the question.but that is only voluntarly delete.any way this is the link‌​h-in-the-viewcontroller – bugfinder Oct 29 '12 at 9:43

How recently did you delete the question?

Once a question is deleted it will take a little while for Google's reindexing of the site to notice and remove the cached copy from search results.

Google is very good at adding new content, removing old content takes a little longer.

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If the problem is that the content is associated with you then you can email the team asking to disassociate the question from your account, so it appears to be from some anonymous user instead.

Otherwise (if the contents are the problem) you can ask for permanent removal as suggested in other answers, but the team is not obliged to do that. Once you submit something, it's no longer really yours.

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