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When opening a post, some key information I am looking for is the year of the information both in question and answers. I want to know how fresh the information is. Currently the year is written as 'yy. It is not easy to catch with the eye:

Aug 19 '09 at 23:28

To improve reading, I suggest to highlight the year (and possibly the month) of the date string. This could be easily achieved by playing with the font parameters (size, weight, color, etc.). As a simple example:

Aug 19 '09 at 23:28

Also using a 4 digit year would increase readability. For example with something like

2009 Aug 19th at 23:28

As a workaround, if people are interested, I wrote the following CSS to be used with firefox|chrome and the stylish extension ( It uses the element's title which starts by the year, but is not ideal. I wish I could have a different styling for the time stamp.

@-moz-document domain("")  { 

.post-signature div.user-action-time a,
.post-signature div.user-action-time  { color: #888 !important;}
.post-signature span.relativetime     { 
   float       : right;
   text-align  : right;
   font-weight : normal !important;
.post-signature span.relativetime:before { 
   content     : attr(title) "\A" !important;
   white-space : pre; /* for the '\A' */
   color       : black;
   font-weight : bold;
   font-size   : 110%;

} /* */
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I'd argue it is noticeable because only posts from last year or older actually show the year; the display of the year itself is a cue to draw attention. – Ben Brocka Oct 29 '12 at 13:29

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