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Today I got 4 old notifications (2 red, 2 blue) that were already marked as seen and correctly removed. The first time I saw them was on Oct 26 and then today (Oct 30).

I have visited the site every day multiple times and it is impossible I missed the notifications (I can guarantee they were gone and then reincarnated).

One of the notifications was telling me about my new create tag synonyms privilege, I clicked it and read the page, I even asked a question to clarify some doubts about the page. So there is absolutely zero chance I missed the notifications.

Additional information:

  • my inbox does NOT contain duplicate entries.

  • the date of the red notifications is 27 Oct, I assume it is the same with the blue notifications, but I couldn't get the date no matter where I hovered my mouse.

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I agree with this. This happens sometimes. But after few times, the inbox get refreshed with the latest one. – hims056 Oct 30 '12 at 17:27
Have you watched the news from New York this morning? Your inbox got blown to Oregon. – Uphill Luge Oct 30 '12 at 18:13

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