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For example, in this question: Cocoa: Quartz, Core Graphics, Context vs View. Oh My! , I feel like the "Oh My" sounds a bit awkward..

A lot of old questions from 2009 or 2010 have strange titles like this. By strange, I mean that they are not asked in an objective way. Is it worth to submit small edits for the grammar of this kind questions ?

Note that english is not my mother tongue.

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I don't think it's bad style, and I would oppose an edit that does nothing but take the "Oh my" away.

However, for clarity and searchability, I agree there would be a way to put it better. But for that, the entire thing would need a thorough re-work, say

Terminology: "context" vs. "view" in Quartz and Core Graphics

(if I understand the question right, which I may not)

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