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On English Language & Usage I found a suggested edit, for which the review activity is described as:

Luke reviewed this 46 mins ago: Reviewed

What does that mean?
Why isn't the suggested edit declined, nor accepted?

The user who reviewed the suggested edit (which is for I should think you'd have) is not the OP. What is more strange is that doesn't show what the suggested edit was.


The question is still open; it has never been closed.

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This is fixed – the link in question 404s now, as expected.

Review ids are unique per site, not per queue. If you manage to generate an invalid url, we now serve a Page Not Found, rather than a nonsensical page as you were getting.

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It's not a suggested edit. It's a First Posts review, for which the Reviewed action is appropriate.

If you got to the reviewer's profile, it's listed as a First Posts review, not a Suggested Edits review. The link there is not the same as the one in your post; his profile links to: /review/first-posts/12196 instead of /review/suggested-edits/12196.

Where did you get that link? Maybe there is a bug that generated the wrong URL.

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Oh! I was looking for strange suggested edits done from anonymous users, and simply decreased the number I get from another suggested edit. I thought every review queue had their own IDs. – kiamlaluno Nov 7 '12 at 16:24

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