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has 1,703 questions, has 2,215, and they seem pretty much interchangeable to me.

Another one that is related is (10 questions), although I'm not sure it is similar enough to be considered a synonym.

One more: (392) and (203).

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They aren't always the same, though. In java, they have quite different meanings (one is a primitive, and the other is an object) – Richard J. Ross III Nov 10 '12 at 14:20

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As Richard J. Ross III points out, in Java an int is a primitive datatype, while Integer is a class derived from the Number class. They are two different concepts, and there is the need of using two different tags, as a question about the Integer class is not the same as a question about the primitive datatype.

In PHP, is_integer() is the function that checks if the datatype of a value/variable is an integer. Probably, it would be better to use , or as in_integer() is an alias for is_int(). I cannot say if there is the need of having , but for sure is not a synonym of .

and are similar enough; IMO, there isn't the need of having two tags, when they are used with the same meaning.

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