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A large portion of users are not listed in the users page. For example by roughly calculating the number of users on super user using formula #perpage * #pages one gets 103K users. However looking at the field total_users on shows 130K users. That's a 20% difference. on stackoverflow the numbers are 1,223K and 1,504K with a 19% difference. So the question is what is the criteria for the excluded users and why are they excluded.

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My guess is that great many users get "purged" for various reasons from the live database (spammers, merging of accounts, manual deletion etc) while the offline database still keeps all of them. – Shadow Wizard Nov 11 '12 at 7:34
that makes sense. – Marwan Alsabbagh Nov 11 '12 at 7:35

Unregistered users aren't listed in users page, according to How many users does Stack Overflow actually have?.

The ~300k difference for SO matches up with the (one year old) figures in Nick's answer if you take into account the fact that registration became mandatory to ask questions about that time too, so the number of unregistered users probably stabilized.

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