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I am considering search options for an e-commerce website I am building, and wish to understand the rationale behind Stack Overflow's choice of search engine.

Stack overflow has good REST urls, so Bing search seems like it would be ideal - it's free, powerful, and constantly being refined by Microsoft, etc.

Why doesn't SO use Bing for search?

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Don't ask why not. Ask why?

No, seriously - no one spends time working on something as critical as replacing the search function of a major website just for the hell of it. We would need a compelling reason to do so, and I'm not aware of any that involve Bing.

But, go ahead and use Bing if you want - if you find yourself getting consistently better results, make a note of that.

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now THAT is a useful post. Thank you. I didn't know that was there. I will look into it further. – Richard DesLonde Nov 11 '12 at 19:30
Although, in the OP's defense, I have to say that the Lucene-based search is still … a little crappy. Precision and recall are pretty bad on average, even if I know what question(s) I want to find and most of the keywords I'm looking for. – slhck Nov 11 '12 at 20:07

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