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It seems like the flags tool could really benefit by being converted to a review queue in the new panel, still only being available to users with 10,000 reputation.


  • I don't have to sit there and expand every flag I attempt to review, then expand again to view the comments. So much clicking!
  • I'll have some useful stats about the post off to the right to help me in my judgement.
  • Questions flagged as duplicates would have nice additional tabs to quickly view the proposed duplicate, similar to the close queue.
  • I don't have to click on "Tools" or "Review" as much to switch back and forth between them. Seriously, this is pretty much the only time I ever go into the Tools section, personally.


  • Flag
  • Disagree (automatically cast my "invalid flag" flag)
  • Edit
  • Close (on questions)
  • Delete (if allowed to do so)
  • Skip
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This is unlikely to be useful outside of SO. – Iain Nov 13 '12 at 10:54

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