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Someone asked a question about an old DOS function that clears a text window called CLS, and tagged it . I thought that was an odd tag to have, and it turned out that most cases of this tag were related to . There weren't that many of these tagged "cls", so I retagged the appropriate ones.

That left me wondering what tag--if any--should be for questions about clearing the terminal. It seemed to me that using the word "clear" in the question and then using is the better umbrella. But this led me to discover . That has a random smattering of uses like:

I'd suggest wiping out this tag and banning it from being recreated. It basically seems to mean "I used the word clear in my post somewhere" and has no greater taxonomy or browsing knowledge.

(By contrast, what I like about tags like "caching" and "cookies" is that someone else might come in and add them to a question later, in which the original poster didn't know the terms...or their relevance to that issue in their question. I can't see adding the tag "clear" to something after the fact and feeling I'd done useful work.)

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