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I revisited old questions I asked a long time ago for which I didn't accept any answers.

It was somewhat problematic.

  • I do not need an answer any more. For some reason, the question is now irrelevant (abandoned project or whatever).
  • I do not even recall if I solved the issue or not
  • If I did solve it, I do not recall if it was using the answer or not.
  • In some cases, I didn't dig enough in the issue to gain enough experience to pick an answer

Should I blindly accept the seemingly best answer, delete the question or just leave it there to rot?

I was considering deletion because the answers might be bad. Someone with a similar issue might be dissatisfied with the answers and having the question already asked, he might not ask it again (duplicate).

Although, deletion might remove some useful answer that I cannot grasp...

And picking an answer blindly just to increase my accept rate really sounds dumb. (I'm going accept that 2+2 != potato because it quite possibly true!)

related question

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If any of the answers were upvoted, you can't delete it. (P.s. 2+2 does equal potato. Glad to help) – Bart Nov 14 '12 at 20:41
see this question and ones linked there, especially this one – gnat Nov 14 '12 at 22:11

You never need to accept an answer. No one should ever bother you about your accept rate. If a question has no answer that inspires you to accept it, then don't accept any.

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I should have left out the blindly accepting answers since it's the less relevant part. – Kraz Nov 14 '12 at 20:46
Because the team hasn't gotten around to removing it, in spite of all the posting here about its counterproductivity. – Rosinante Nov 14 '12 at 21:27

Are the questions still useful? See if you can edit them into a form that future visitors might find useful by removing noise, adding detail, or whatever else needs to be done to make it into a good questions. Maybe you can nudge the question from something fairly open-ended into something which at least supports its highest voted answer.

If the questions aren't useful (maybe the question is now too localized or not a real question, or even a dupe of another question) you can flag appropriately, or vote to close. Or even delete your own question - if it's really a waste of cognitive effort for everyone who sees it, it can go away.

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