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On Drupal Answers, I am trying to look for drupal_render, which is the name of a Drupal function. If I search for drupal_render, I get posts containing Drupal, render, or drupal. If I search for code:"drupal_render", I get only posts where drupal_render is contained in a code block.



Is there a way to tell the search page to look only for drupal_render?
I tried with "drupal_render", and "drupal\_render" (escaping the underscore), but the result doesn't change much from when I search for drupal_render.

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Hmm, I suspect not, since chances are good that in normal text "drupal_render" is just indexed as the two separate tokens "drupal" and "render" (this is the default behaviour for Lucene, if I recall correctly). But I don't know enough about the actual implementation to be positive. – Tim Stone Nov 17 '12 at 16:53
Well, you could always use google. Search for site:drupal.stackexchange.com "drupal_render" – Kreiri Nov 19 '12 at 17:59
It does seem to work fine now. – nicael Jun 28 at 20:23
@nicael The underscore can now be used in a search and it will be not anymore treated as word separator. – kiamlaluno Jun 29 at 2:26

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The underscore is not anymore used as word separator. I can now search for drupal_render and get posts containing exactly drupal_render, not drupal or render. Nothing particular is required, such as escaping the underscore.


What searched gets also correctly highlighted.

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