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When user votes to close question as possible duplicate he can provide any question as "possible duplicate". But offered question may be already closed as exact duplicate of another question. Is it OK? Or may be it should not be allowed to provide duplicate as duplicate?

Real situation can be found here: link.

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If all questions closed as duplicates were in fact exact duplicates then this shouldn't happen but sometimes one of the pair more closely matches a new question than the other. – Martin Smith Nov 19 '12 at 8:21
There is situation like that: Q1 is good open question. Q2 closed as exact duplicate of Q1. So, when user offer possible duplicate for Q3, he must not allowed to provide Q2, only Q1. – Jin35 Nov 19 '12 at 8:31
It depends on how "exactly" similar the dupes are. It happens that Q3 looks more like Q2. – Bo Persson Nov 19 '12 at 10:19

Yes this is OK in my opinion and should not be blocked.

Here on Meta I see it happening pretty often, since "duplicate" here has wider meaning e.g. any question related to how bounties work will be closed as duplicate of the bounties faq but there might be many variants which are not duplicates of each other.

Worth to mention that anonymous visitors will be automatically redirected, so in case of a chain this doesn't really matter as they will reach the "final" destination that is not closed as duplicate of other question.

As for Stack Overflow those things are more rare, but I still think it should be allowed. If you strongly feel that certain question (that is already closed as duplicate) should be closed as duplicate of other question you can flag it, choose Other and explain but the moderator doesn't have to agree.

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