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When a comment is edited, a writing utensil icon is appended to the comment. On hover, the alternative text displays: this comment was edited.

I think, that in some cases, it would be helpful to include a timestamp to this copy.

For example:

this comment was edited at 2012-11-21 02:37:43Z or the @ symbol in place of at.
Another possibility is to make it similar to edits, where edited X minutes ago is used.

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Given that all edits to a comment need to happen within the 5 minute window after its initial creation, is that really necessary? I'm just not sure what kinds of problems not knowing the precise edit time of a comment causes that this would solve?

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Completely agree +1 – mtk Nov 21 '12 at 11:12
If it was edited after someone else happened to comment within the 5 minute window. Given there is no revision history for comments, some people will likely wonder what the original comment was that they replied to. A timer to see if they indeed did change their comment after you posted yours (or while constructing it) seems like a simple next-best feature. Considering the suggestion is to put this info in a hover based box, and I can't imagine that the extra server time to serve up this info in the HTML would be substantial, can't see the downside for the UI or performance of the system. – user66001 Jun 25 '15 at 17:40
"If it was edited after someone else happened to comment within the 5 minute window" That would only be moderators, and I doubt they edit other people's comments enough to warrant this feature either. Like nearly all comment feature requests, it's both pointless and futile! – James Jun 25 '15 at 19:44

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