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Possible Duplicate:
How can I determine if a moderator has reviewed something I flagged

Sorry if this is a duplicate. I recently had an answer migrated to SuperUser. I disagreed with the migration so I flagged the post for moderator attention as suggested in my previous question on meta.

I'm watching the post to see if it gets moved back to Stack Overflow (so I can edit my answer as I realized there's a problem with it). However, in the event that a moderator doesn't agree with my flag and thinks that SuperUser is the place where that post belongs, I would like to know. That way, I'll know that I need to get an account on SuperUser in order to correct my answer.

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You can go to your Flag Summary page and keep track of your flags and their progress. For you on Stack Overflow this will most likely be

Alternatively you can access it by clicking on the number of helpful flags within your profile.

enter image description here

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