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I noticed that people use tags of technologies/languages that are not present in the actual question:

(probably all these questions: and other question that uses similar tags with version numbers embedded)

I was tempted to remove these tags, as they are not relevant for the question and are used to attract attention (in a wrong way IMHO).

But then I was wondering whether they were added to indicate that these technologies/languages are available to answer the question...

My question/discussion is: 'Is it allowed/intended to (mis)use tags for these purposes, or should I remove them?'

Personally, I still tend to remove them, as the answer might or might not use these tags and they are (still) misused. But please correct me if I am wrong!

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I'd consider it a smell...and I'd also remove unnecessary tags. – Time Traveling Bobby Nov 27 '12 at 13:47

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