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As I was going through the Suggested Edits Review queue, I saw several edits which were just updating the 'last stable version = vX.Y' part of tag wikis (like this one:

So my question for meta is: is it a good practice to put this information on tag wikis?

For very stable/mature projects, it might not change often, but for many FOSS projects, it's always moving. So it's a chore to maintain, and can become a way to harvest points.

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I say no. All of that information should be available at the site(s) linked along with the wiki, and those should give better real time version numbers.

However, in the case of version specific tags, like , the wiki in my opinion should not only give a very specific version number, but also possibly some documentation on what that version entails.

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+1 perfect answer :) – jv42 Nov 29 '12 at 13:56

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